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is a German electronic music duo consisting of Nora Lösel and Michael Eppelein. The two musicians bonded over their shared passion for music and when they started to write songs together they were drawn towards electronic music.

Nora and Michael’s music is characterised by atmospheric soundscapes, enchanting vocals and intricate rhythms. Their sound is loop oriented, kind of like a polyphonic mantra developed during a song. Together with the mesmerising visuals it is a captivating live experience where you are immediately drawn to them. During their shows they lead their listeners into a fragile state between trance and dance.

apanorama have played festivals and venues all over Europe and are ready to travel the world with their music in the coming years. They continue to experiment with new sounds and techniques, pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Since 2022 they are part of the BY.on Elektro talent programme by “Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.”

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21-01   Kesselhaus  FÜRTH
19-02   formitable Heizhaus  NÜRNBERG
12-04   Revier Südost  BERLIN
16-04   Bierchen & Bühnchen Festival  NÜRNBERG
13-05   Straßenkreuzer St. Klara  NÜRNBERG

20-05   Kontakt Festival   BAMBERG
27-05   La Ola Electronica   NÜRNBERG
08-06   StuStaCulum Festival   MÜNCHEN
24-06   Waldschänke Dornheim   WÜRZBURG

08-07   Bonsai Festival   NÜRNBERG
15-07   Wetterleuchten Festival   INNSBRUCK
29-07   Mahagoni Festival   ETZDORF

06-08   Weinturm Open Air   BAD WINDSHEIM
11-08   Taubertal Festival   ROTHENBURG
12-08   Brückenfestival   NÜRNBERG

15-09   Alte Utting   MÜNCHEN
16-09   Mauerblümchen Festival   NÜRNBERG

23-09   hin&herzo   HERZOGENAURACH
06-10   Nürnberg Pop Festival   NÜRNBERG
07-10   Frei Bordsteinkante   ERLANGEN
11-10   Bergson Pop-Up   MÜNCHEN

13-10   PUC Art   PUCHHEIM

21-10   Hinter ins Land Festival   ZWIESEL
28-10   Altes Spital   VIECHTACH
17-11   Live-Club  BAMBERG

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R    E    L    E    A    S    E    S
The EP HOVERING and the Album HOVERING: THE REMIXES were produced in collaboration with Gleb Lasarew and has been released in autumn/winter 2022.

The single Find Rest was released 2020 on TOUR DE TRAUM XX, a compilation of the famous label TRAUM Schallplatten.

In July 2020 apanorama covered a song from Aliiwen & Day Out of Time.
Radio Kodama was released in July 2020 by the label Karuana.

Their first album momentum with eight songs was produced in collaboration with Jan Kerscher at Ghost City Recordings in spring 2018.


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